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Get your outside timber ready for the silly season

It looks like Adelaide is in for some perfect weather this Christmas and New Year!


Lots of families will be excited to get together for the traditional Christmas lunch, and how better to celebrate than popping crackers and digging into yummy meals outdoors. Before the whole extended troupe come to stay, now’s the perfect time to give your exterior timber a seasonal refresh!

After a long winter plus the early summer heat, your decking, windows, fences, pergolas and outdoor furniture might all be looking like they’re in need of a little bit of love. Tired, weathered outside timber isn’t the most festive of style choices, so sprucing it up in time for the silly season could be just the thing you need for your outdoor dining area to sparkle.

There are a few things you need to consider before embarking on a timber refreshment spree. Often timber can be saved rather than expensively replaced, so it’s worthwhile having a close look.

These questions will help you determine the level of work needed to return your timber furniture or decking to its former glory.

What is the state of the timber?

Is it suffering from weathering and damage, are there cracks, rotted areas or holes that need repairing, or is it just looking tired and needing some refreshment? This should tell you just how much work is in store to get it looking shipshape.

Has it been coated before?

If the old coating is coming off or is looking faded, you’ll need to make sure it’s completely removed before putting on a new coat.

Is it mouldy or rotten?

For effective repairs, you can fill rotting timber with epoxy that can be moulded to fit the space! Often these fillers can be sanded back and coated or painted to look the same as the original wood.

Will timber need sanding?

It’s usually best to find a mechanical tool for this job, as it can be quite the labour intensive job, especially on large decks or pergolas.

How much damage is there?

To fill holes and dents, make sure area is clean and apply filler with a spatula or putty knife. If it’s a big hole, you may need to wait until the first lot settles and then apply a second time. The filler often shrinks when it dries. Properly repairing and filling damaged surfaces is the only way to make sure that your refreshed timber stays looking great right through until next Christmas. If there is too much damage to repair, you might need to look at replacing the timber.

Are any areas loose or falling apart?

Using a strong, high-quality adhesive designed specifically for wooden projects, you can make sure that any loose decking, furniture, or anything will stay in place.

How much exposure does it have?

The more your timber is exposed to the elements, the more time and effort you’ll need to put into preparing and treating it.

Have you cleaned the timber thoroughly?

Before adding a coating to your timber, you need to prepare the surface. A big first step to make sure your coating is absorbed evenly is removing any dead timber fibres and surface contaminants that discolour your timber.

Use a stiff brush or scraper to really get into the cracks and clean up that wood. You can find good quality wood cleaners at most hardware stores. Remember to put plastic sheeting down first to protect any nearby paint, plants or other surfaces.

If you’re looking for a professional to come and take care of the whole situation, from assessment to cleanup, the Mott Group’s experienced carpenters and painter will make sure your timber is looking party ready without you having to lift a finger. Give us a call for a quote on (08) 8462 9888 or send us a message with our contact form.