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Top 8 DIY Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Carrying out your own DIY paint job can be a fun activity, or it can turn into a chore and the resulting finish is not always up to scratch.

If you would like to avoid the headache give the Adelaide Painters at Mott Group a call on 08 8462 9888 and request a free, no obligation quote. We are experts in painting both residential and commercial property, and have been servicing Adelaide for over 30 years. 

If you are still keen to progress with your DIY paint job, here are our top eight tips for making your paint job a success:

Tip 1: Preparation Is Key

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Make sure you do everything to get your walls ready to be painted well before you crack open that can of paint. People often get excited and are impatient to get to the fun part, but spending some time on preparation will really help you get that professional finish and make your paint job last longer.

Make sure to fill in any holes or cracks in the wall and sand this down to make a smooth surface. If you don’t have any imperfections to deal with, at least give your walls a good wash first.


Tip 2: Get The Correct Equipment

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Spend some time at the hardware store selecting your brushes and rollers. Make sure they are the right type for your paint, your surface and also the right size for your space. You might need smaller brushes for detailed spaces, or tapered brushes for cutting in.

The right tool, really does make the job easier, improve the finish and reduce splatter and cleanup time. Other things you may need are: drop cloths, painting tape, ladder, painting tray.

Tip 3: Use The Correct Paint for your Surface

Not all paint is created equal, and it is certainly not created to go on every surface. The paint you have purchased for your internal walls might not be the best choice to paint those external surfaces. And if you are painting a wet area, such as your bathroom, consider a semigloss paint which is better equipped to handle moisture.

Tip 4: Get The Perfect Colour Match

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There is nothing worse than a paint touch up where the colour shade is off.

If you have an item you are looking to colour match take it with you to the hardware store. Computerised colour matching technology can assist you to get the right colour. If you are trying to match a wall colour this can be trickier, and it is advisable to start with a can of sample paint or some colour swatches to help get this right. How many shades of white can there be? Take a trip to the paint store and the choice is overwhelming!

Tip 5: Use Tape When Cutting In On Cornice

To keep paint off the cornice and create a really smooth line, you need to use painters tape as a barrier between the two. Be gentle when applying and removing the tape, particularly on older painted surfaces and you may peel off the paint Never use normal masking tape as it is very hard to remove and will pull the paint of the wall when removed .

Tip 6: Remove The Hardware From Doors & Windows Before Painting

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Have you ever tried to paint a door while it is still hung in place? You will have difficulty painting around the hinges and door handles, and if you don’t manage to get paint on the hardware and ruin the mechanism, the overall finish still doesn’t look quite right. For the best result, remove all hardware, paint the Door/Window and then once completely dry you can reassemble.

Tip 7: Sanding Between Coats

Want a truly smooth finish? Don’t rush the job. Do a fine sand between coats for optimal results. You will have to make sure that you use a light grit sandpaper 200 as this will give you a smooth glassy appearance .

Tip 8: Adding Black to White Ceiling Paint

For large room spaces did you know adding a small amount of black to your white ceiling paint will actually help reduce the shadowing of large room spaces and make the paint look whiter and brighter!

Bonus Tip: Call An Expert

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If this is all sounding like too much work, do yourself a favour and give Mott Group a call. We love painting and have the equipment and expertise to deliver a top job for you. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote. We can do any painting job in Adelaide, internal or external, commercial or residential, big or small!