30Aug Adelaide Painters Mott Group

Top 8 DIY Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Carrying out your own DIY paint job can be a fun activity, or it can turn into a chore and the resulting finish is not always up to scratch. If you would like to avoid the headache give the Adelaide … Continued

21Jun sagging ceiling adelaide

Five Reasons Your Ceiling is Sagging

Whether the cracks appeared overnight or it has gradually crept in, a sagging or cracked ceiling is not something to be taken lightly. Small spidery cracks can become large cavernous holes if left untreated. Cracks and sags in your ceiling … Continued

12Aug carpentry mott timber

The Environmental and Aesthetic Benefits of Timber

Are you one of the many Adelaide homeowners looking to renovate your house or property? Chances are you’ve considered the natural beauty and timeless nature of natural timber. From floors to fixtures and fittings, to garden furniture and fences, wood remains … Continued

18Apr new house paint

5 Steps to Choose A New Interior Paint Scheme

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to freshen up a tired looking house is a new coat of paint. However, choosing the right colour can be a chore that fills people with dread. The fear of getting it … Continued

29Jan gyprock plasterboard repairs

DIY Tips for Fixing Plasterboard Holes

Have you ever tripped on someone’s shoes they have left around and damaged your wall? Maybe a friend was celebrating a billiards win, got a bit too joyful and next thing you know, there’s a cue hole in your ceiling? … Continued


Freshen up Your Home for the New Year

The silly season seems to spin past faster every year, doesn’t it! One minute you’re planning the handyman jobs you can get done while you have time off, the next you’re back at work, wondering where the time went. Unfortunately, … Continued

15Dec residential house

Get your outside timber ready for the silly season

It looks like Adelaide is in for some perfect weather this Christmas and New Year!   Lots of families will be excited to get together for the traditional Christmas lunch, and how better to celebrate than popping crackers and digging … Continued


Mott Launches New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website www.mott.com.au. You’ll notice that things are looking pretty impressive around here and we couldn’t be happier! The site has undergone a full overhaul, with redevelopment resulting in a more … Continued


Silicone seams and joints in showers

Bathrooms and specifically shower cubicles require periodic monitoring for silicone seam and joint failure and deterioration. Poorly maintained silicone seals can lead to huge wall and flooring failures and if left unattended general destruction of your bathroom can occur. A simple … Continued


Exterior Window care is essential

External window frames and sashes take all the Seasons weathering effects. From the full baking sun of Summer to the persistent watering of Winter the timber in your windows has to cope with a lot. Maintaining a complete paint coating … Continued