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The Environmental and Aesthetic Benefits of Timber

Are you one of the many Adelaide homeowners looking to renovate your house or property?

Chances are you’ve considered the natural beauty and timeless nature of natural timber.

From floors to fixtures and fittings, to garden furniture and fences, wood remains one of the most popular– and resilient– building materials. Because it is sourced from a living, breathing thing, wood adds a warm feel and a natural look to your Adelaide home renovations and garden refurbishments.

The range of hues available and the versatility of wood give you a great licence to experiment with different stains and paint colours. For example, try a light shade of colour to catch the afternoon light on your timber decking. The stunning warmth, colour, and vibrancy of wood are unmatched.


Looking for an old-fashioned cottage look in your renovations?

Nothing beats a polished and stained wooden floor combined with fittings such as wooden bookcases, tables, cupboards, and chairs. Offering design flexibility and strength, the timeless look of wood conveys warmth, strength, character, and a connection with history.

However, along with the many aesthetic benefits of using wood as a house renovation and garden material, did you know that your decision to use timber also has a number of environmental positives?

Environmental Benefits

Sequestering Co2. As awareness grows in our country of the need to mitigate climate change, timber plantations are now recognised as important for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Timber forests and plantations therefore contribute to reducing carbon emissions in our country by drawing them from the atmosphere.

Reduce soil erosion. Timber plantations also help prevent soil erosion, one of the principal causes of environmental degradation in our country. The vast number of trees in plantations across Australia hold valuable topsoil through their roots. Their falling leaves also help to regenerate the surrounding soil.

Sustainable forest management. Timber harvested from such forests offers high-quality timber products grown in a professional and ecologically viable way. The forests are managed sustainably with the aim of providing products without destroying our forests.

Healthier living environment. Timber provides a more pleasant and healthier living environment for people than man-made material. With a better relative humidity and living, breathing flexibility, timber is perfect for any home renovation project.

Natural cleaning. One of the key environmental benefits of using wood as a building medium is the excellent way it responds to natural, non-polluting cleaning materials. If you have a young family or beloved pets and want to ensure they do not come into contact with harsh chemicals, try cleaning timber flooring with hot water and lemon. The antibacterial nature of lemon means this is a hygienic way to clean your wooden floors. Add a few drops of olive oil to warm water and apply to really make them shine!

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The use of timber floors, fences, and other house and garden products also acts as a link with our past. It gives your renovation project a unique character, which is lacking with other building materials. A quality, polished wooden floor, for example, is a popular renovation material which will add value to your home and last for many years.

Research in the United States by the National Wood Flooring Association of America has found that 90 percent of real estate brokers and agents noted that homes with a hardwood floor would sell for more money. The results are similar in Australia where wooden floors are also highly regarded.

Interested in hearing more about quality carpentry and joinery from the experts? Mott Group Carpentry and Joinery are highly respected Adelaide carpenters with expertise in building with timber. Contact us here to discuss your next Adelaide renovation project with wood as the focus.

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