Silicone seams and joints in showers

Bathrooms and specifically shower cubicles require periodic monitoring for silicone seam and joint failure and deterioration.

Poorly maintained silicone seals can lead to huge wall and flooring failures and if left unattended general destruction of your bathroom can occur.

A simple yet thorough check of the silicone seals to the shower base, bath edges and the wall joints will identify the condition of these important seals.

Over time silicone seams associated with baths and vanity basins etc can also deteriorate and become grimy, mouldy and discoloured.

Some of this discolouration may be removed by the use of neat vinegar wiped over the silicone surface.

If the situation in your bathroom is beyond a clean and  requires full attention it would be best to remove the silicone and install new product.

If you’d like us to inspect and report on the condition of your silicone seams or for a professional finish to your silicone renewal, please give us a call at Mott Group