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House Maintenance Checklist: 7 Tips for a Happy Winter Home

After an unusually wet January here in Adelaide, it feels like autumn is only just around the corner!

Even though we still have another month of summer to go, now’s the time to start thinking about house maintenance and getting on top of that To-Do list ready for winter. The cold, wet months don’t make it easy to get out of bed and tend to home repairs, so why not get it out of the way now while the weather is still stunning?

Regular house maintenance is the best way to make sure your home stays in good condition and continues to look immaculate for your own pleasure and when you are entertaining guests. A few little checks done yearly can have a big difference in the value of your house down the track. Plus, you won’t be surprised by big repair bills for issues that have been left to get out of control for too long!

So here are our top 7 tips to keep your house happy and protected during the cold winter months!

Have you cleaned out your gutters?

It’s been a wet January here in Adelaide, so you might have already noticed some tell-tale signs that your gutters are in need of a good clean. It’s best to get this one out of the way before autumn or winter hits and the rain really starts. It’s not safe to be on a slippery, wet roof. You can have a look at some of our gutter cleaning tips here to make sure you know the safest way to go about this job.

Are there any cracks or gaps in your doors or windows?

Repairing the frames of doors and windows will help to keep out pests and keep in the warmth in the coming winter. You may just need to tighten and repair loose or damaged timber, and while you’re there, you can lubricate the hinges for smooth, silent use.

Is your paint peeling?

Inside or out, peeling paint is never a good look. If you have pets, you’d be surprised at how much wear they’ll take out on your walls as well. A fresh coat of paint on your walls and woodwork will not only give your house a fresh, clean look, but for your outdoor painting work, will also protect the walls underneath from damage. Not letting the moisture in is the trick.

Have you got sustainable lighting?

Before Adelaide stops daylight savings time for another year, make sure your lighting isn’t going to give you a shock when your electricity bill arrives. There are lots of sustainable lighting choices available now, and installing some will save you money in the long run. You’ll also be doing the environment a favour! Everyone wins!

Do you have faulty fittings, leaks, or moisture damage in your bathroom or laundry?

Moisture damage, leaks, and cracking or faulty fittings in your bathroom can all linger at the bottom of the To-Do list for an embarrassingly long time. Now’s the time to fix these issues. Moisture damage in particular can be a costly problem later, so getting on top of your bathroom’s surfaces is important.

Have you cleaned your carpets or tiles recently?

After the hot, dry Adelaide summer, carpets and tiles can be holding on to a heavy layer of grime and dust. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least two to four times a year can really extend their life and make sure they’re looking their best year round. A pressure clean on tiles will give a new lease on life to tiled floors as well.

Have you had a white ant inspection recently?

One important item that a lot of people leave off their house maintenance checklist is organising a pest inspection. White ants can cause major havoc to the timber in your home, leaving serious structural damage that is expensive and difficult to repair. Even if you have a brick home, it’s recommended that you carry out regular inspections and professional treatments on your structural timbers, floorboards and skirtings at least every two years.

Often families leave their house maintenance checklist on the bottom of the To-Do list for longer than they should. Autumn is the time to get on top of these fixes so that you’re ready for the wet and cold winter months.

If you feel overwhelmed or are unsure of how to make sure your home is best protected from the elements, Mott Group have professionals who help with every aspect of house maintenance and repair.

From decking resurfacing to electrical safety to pest control to emergency hot water repair, we’ve got experts that will efficiently safeguard your property for many long years of comfort and enjoyment.